It is time for real leadership on Capitol Hill to bring meaningful reforms to stop the abuse of tax payers’ money and break the partisan dead-lock in Congress. Our state and our country are in desperate need of leaders who would bring solutions to the economic and policy challenges we are facing as a nation. In addition to millions of the people out of work, our country has accumulated unprecedented and unsustainable amounts of national debt. We cannot continue to stay on this road any longer and must take meaningful actions to restore fiscal responsibility. We must act as a united front to put our hard working citizens back to work, so their families will share in prosperity and our communities can stay strong.

Frank will bring his well-rounded practical experience, leadership skills and independent thinking to represent voters of Massachusetts and stop the culture of special interests and insider deals on Capitol Hill. When Frank is elected as U.S. Senator, his legislative priorities are to lower tax burdens on individuals and businesses and to implement series of real money-saving reforms to reduce our federal budget deficit and put our economy on the road to growth and prosperity. Frank will bring balance to Washington, offer effective solutions to our problems and improve the lives of the people of Massachusetts and the nation.  

This time you can vote for someone who will represent the people’s concerns and will not cater to the demands and pressures financed by special interests groups in Washington D.C.