Frank was born and raised in Malden, MA and graduated from Williams College. He earned his ALM (Master of Liberal Arts) from the Harvard Extension School, MBA & MS from the University of Maryland and MS in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University.

For six years, Frank worked and taught in biomedical research as a doctoral candidate and fellow in Molecular and Cell Biology with dissertation advisor Nobel laureate Marshall Nirenberg at the National Institutes of Health. He graduated from Suffolk University Law School where he received his JD and then Master of Laws in Biomedicine and Health Law.

Since graduating from Williams, and continuously during his career, Frank owned and operated several businesses. Frank teaches intro to law and life sciences at local colleges. He also has a private law practice and owns an educational publishing company.

Frank received an outstanding volunteer award from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. He volunteered as a career counselor for high school and college students and has been active in local community activities. Frank does volunteer work in local courts and enjoys pro bono law work for individuals in need of legal representation.


• BA in Biology, Williams College

• ALM in Biology, Harvard University Extension School

• MS in Technology Management, University of Maryland University College

MS in Biotechnology, Johns Hopkins University

• MBA, University of Maryland University College

• JD, Suffolk University Law School

• LLM in Biomedicine & Health Law and in Intellectual Property, Suffolk University Law School

• PhD in Law and Public Policy, Northeastern University